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Hoach’s Sandy’s Seduction Storm

| March 7, 2010 | -[CAN]CA117915- |  -[USA]AA1520676-  |



                *B Redwood Hills Revolution Speed

Hoach’s RHRS Kaaza Kinfolk

               GCH Brandt’s Kazaa *M


                + *B Cherry Glen TRI Mojave

GCH Brandt’s Sircles in the Sand *M

                Brandt’s Lil’ Showoff



    Storm is the last buck born to the beautiful GCH Brandt's Sircles in the Sand before she left the Brandts & Hoach herd. I can say I was over joyed when I recieved a phone call from Randy Hoach, to say Sandy confirmed bred to Hoach's RHRS Kaaza Kinfolk! (Even more when another call two months later resulted in a message; that Sandy had freshened out with a beautiful cou blanc buckling for the herd!)  Storm is a stretchy, stylish, long rumped buck; standing uphill with razor sharp withers. Storm combines the beautiful Kaaza, Sandy, and the incredible SGCH Redwood Hills Lance Sebastiene LA93 EEEE into one package.

   Storm has been very tight with gracing us daughters, finally after outside servicing a number of does he has a few daughters on the ground. Storm's progeny has been very consistent in his own style, a buck who can make razor sharp withers, lengthen bodies, and dairy up kids out of any doe! 




 ^Dam's Rear Mammary   ^Paternal Granddam: GCH Brandt's Kazaa *M           ^Paternal Grandam: RWH Lance Sebastiene LA93 EEEE







(Photos used with kind permission of Brandt's & Hoach's Alpines. Norco, California USA. www.BrandtsandHoachsAlpines.com)